At-Home Lower Body Strength and Cardio Circuit

This at-home lower body strength and cardio circuit is going to build muscle and have your heart racing the entire time! With a jump rope, set of dumbbells, and a race against yourself, you can complete this workout in your living room. It’s perfect if you are short on time, looking for a good lower body challenge, or need a workout for limited equipment at a hotel gym!

This at-home lower body strength and cardio circuit with build muscle and keep your heart rate up the entire time! Efficient, challenging, and effective!

I love workouts like this because I am ALWAYS short on time. Just because you don’t have an hour or more to go to the gym and back, doesn’t mean you need to skip your workout. Ever since graduating from college, I’ve kept a set of dumbbells in my room or in my home so that I can squeeze a quick workout into my day. Carve out 30 minutes and you can get a great workout in.

This at-home lower body strength and cardio circuit will challenge the muscles in your legs and your cardio endurance at the same time.

This workout is you-vs-you. There’s no timer and no one else telling you to go faster or push harder. Just keep telling yourself it’s only 5 moves, for 5 rounds, and you CAN do this. For those of you who are looking for modifications, I’ve got you covered.

  • Jump Rope: Either jump in place or sub in jumping jacks if you don’t have one! If you’re looking for something that is low-impact, step one foot out to the side at a time. Each side equals 1 rep.
  • Pulse Front Squats: Range of motion will control how your knees feel in this move. Make sure your feet are a little bit wider than your hips and you keep your chest up as your squat down and drive your knees out over your pinky toes. As you start to feel fatigued, you can get rid of the dumbbells. BUT this at-home lower body strength and cardio circuit is meant to challenge you. Before dropping the weights, try taking a 10 second break and then get right back to it!
  • Jumping Lunges: Sub the jumps for hops and regular lunges if you need something easier on your knees and low impact!
  • Lateral lunge to Leg Lift: This one will challenge your balance! Feel free to start without the weight and progress the move once you feel comfortable. Another option is to hold one dumbbell in front of your chest instead of one on each side.
  • Burpees: You all know this move. If it’s too much, you can step in and out when transitioning through the plank position!

Here’s a video of your At-Home Lower Body Strength and Cardio Circuit to demo all the moves for you!

I can’t wait for you all to try At-Home Lower Body Strength and Cardio Circuit workout! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @getwellwithem and let me know how you fast you were able to complete 5 rounds!

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