Whole30 Recap: What Worked? What Didn’t? What Now?

Going into Whole30 I was really nervous. I am an oat loving, beer drinking, sweet treat kinda girl. And all of those things had to go during Whole30. How would I survive? Turns out, it’s a lot easier than you think. What really helped me was having a group of people going through the challenge […]

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Superfood Sweet Potato Truffles

My biggest takeaway from Whole30? I love sweet potatoes. Is this a huge revelation, no. But my love is to the point that I can’t go a single day without eating one. Thankfully Costco has monster size bags of sweet potatoes to fuel my obsession. I want sweet potatoes at all hours of the day. […]

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How To: Master the Messy French Braid

When I was little I taught myself how to french braid my hair using my American Girl Doll ((Samantha)), and a tutorial book. You know, those books that also taught you how to put those cute hair rolls going back along the crown of your head and style your hair like Zenon? I loved that book […]

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Simple Sauerkraut Relish for a Healthy Gut

Every time I buy cabbage for a recipe, I have so much left over afterwards and no idea what to use it for. Enter, sauerkraut relish. This relish is a great way to save money not only by using up the rest of your cabbage, but now you don’t have to dish out close to […]

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