fiery finishers

Announcing Fiery Finishers with Get Well With Em & Burpees for Breakfast!

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to be announcing the Fiery Finishers Fitness Challenge! Who? Emily Winters (that’s me, duh) and Jen Elliot from Burpees for Breakfast. We’re both big believers in fast, efficient workouts with minimal equipment. As you know, I’m a certified personal trainer and so is Jen! She’s also a Wellness & Nutrition […]

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weight lifting

5 Facts and Myths about Weight Lifting: Do We Really Need it?

Hi I’m AJ! I’ve been an exercise enthusiast since I was a freshman in high school training to make the varsity fastpitch softball team. Over the last 14 years, my purpose for working out has changed tremendously, but it has always remained a staple in my life. It is also the backbone of my confidence. […]

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Awakened Self-Love Spotlight with Bailey Opsal

Hey everyone! Remember when Bailey wrote Inhabiting Your Body a couple of weeks ago? Well this week I’m over on her blog, talking about self-love. I’m honored Bailey asked me to share my story. I’m opening up about my journey from perfectionism to acceptance and sharing tips for you to follow the same path. For […]

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Inhabiting Your Body: Guest Post with Bailey Opsal!

I have another guest post for you this week! This time it’s my friend Bailey Opsal! She works with women to make peace with food, live from a place of love instead of fear, and live a life they adore in a body they love.  Through her 1-on-1 coaching, live events, and online presence she […]

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