Soothe Your Senses from Hygge to Toe

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Overcast, dreary winter days are here, but that doesn’t mean you should feel downcast too. I’m learning from my past, and making an effort to soothe my senses and add some warmth and coziness to my life this winter.

I was inspired by the Danish concept of hygge. Hygge is defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being” by Oxford dictionaries. To me comfort comes from beanies, soothing scents, beauty products to combat dry skin, and thick wool socks.

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In the summer you buy yourself concert tickets, happy hour drinks on the patio, and a new bathing suit for a weekend trip to the lake. Maybe this winter you should treat yourself to new cozy things. Yes, I already have an entire bin full of hats and mittens, but a new one that’s still fresh and soft? Yes please. Sometimes you need to treat yourself.

Let me break it down from head to toe for ya:

  • Warm Hats, Gloves, and Scarves: I need these things to survive. I actually break out in hives when cold air hits my face, so I make sure I’m always covered, especially on windy days. This hat is from Blooma Project, the scarf is Wooden Ships, and the gloves are GoLite. What I love about all three of these is they aren’t super chunky, but they’re all either wool or alpaca, so they’re super warm and soft! Bonus points: the gloves have digital touch in the fingers that still work 2 years after owning these!


  • Essential Oils & Perfume: Me and my diffuser have become best friends. I love mixing up the scents and sending them through my apartment. I’ve been on a rosemary and cinnamon kick lately, but my all-time favorite is lemon eucalyptus. If you don’t have a diffuser, I highly recommend getting one! Amazon has a lot of value packs for oils and diffusers, my sister got this one and this is the diffuser that I have! Aside from the essential oils, stop saving your perfume for date night. You can smell good for yourself too. I love this perfume from Elizabeth Arden because it’s a really light, uplifting scent. Hence the name, “Green Tea Tropical.”


  • Moisturizers: My face, hands, and hair get horribly dry during the winter. Partially because I work in restaurants and therefore wash my hands, A LOT. But the winter is really just a dry season for everyone. I found the Alaffia brand at my co-op and I’m hooked. I spray the coconut face toner on whenever I feel I need a quick zap of energy, and I use the lotion and under-eye cream religiously. I’ve gotten a couple friends hooked on this stuff already, so if you try anything from this post, try Alaffia’s products. (Sidenote, none of this is sponsored. I just really love their products.)


  • Socks and Slippers: Last but not least, gotta soothe your feet! I have so many socks they have their own drawer. Seriously: I. LOVE. SOCKS. Want to be best friends? Buy me some funny socks. These Smart Wool socks get used and abused during the winter. I think I have three pairs, no joke. And then these slippers! My boyfriend got them for me for Christmas. So cozy and while they aren’t as funny as the slippers I used to have shaped like pugs, they’re much more functional.



So there you go. That’s how I soothe my senses from hygge to toe during the winter. What will you take away from this to bring more cozy comfort to your life? Let me know if the comments below!


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