Core Focused Total Body HIIT Workout with Hedstrom Fitness

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Ask someone what their fitness goals are, and I’m willing to bet a toned core is on their list. But how do you get that 6 pack? Crunches during commercial breaks? Lots and lots of cardio? Planks for days? Nope, nope, and nope.

Don’t get me wrong, crunches and planks are great to strengthen the core. But in reality, that sculpted 6 pack you’re looking for will come from total body fitness. You can’t target one part of the body, the core for example, and expect to see results. Instead, think of your body as a whole. If you’re fit, your abs will pop. I promise.



Which brings me to this workout. A core focused total body HIIT routine. Reminder: HIIT=high intensity interval training. I purposefully picked moves that force you to engage the core in order to complete them with good form. Think figure-8 lunges don’t require your core? Complete them maintaining a straight spine and sink into your front thigh more, then tell me you don’t feel your abs engaging. The same goes for all of the other moves. Focus on engaging your abs and I promise, you’ll be strengthening those muscles you so desperately want to show off.

This workout features the Kamagon from Hedstrom Fitness. Think of it like a water-filled kettlebell. The water sloshing around is yet another way that your core is fired up in this routine. As the water moves around, you have to recenter and fight against the movement it causes. If you don’t have a Kamagon, you can get one here or use a medium to heavy kettlebell or dumbbell.


Core Focused Total Body HIIT Workout

Complete 12 reps of each move, cycling through the entire routine for 2-3 rounds.

1. Figure 8’s: 

As you lunge forward, pass the weight underneath your front thigh, before stepping you feet together at the back of your mat. Complete 12 reps per side.


2. Swings:

Using your hips, drive the weight up to eye level, letting gravity swing it back down and between your legs.


3. Windmills:

Bring feet hip-width and point your front foot forward. Raise the weight straight up over your shoulder. Keeping your elbow locked out, raise straight up. Complete 12 reps per side.


4. Overhead Squats

Keeping the weight straight overhead, lower down into a squat position. Be careful not to arch your back, instead use your core to keep the weight stable overhead.


5. Press Jacks

Similar to a jumping jack, press the weight in and out with each hop.





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