How To: Master the Messy French Braid

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When I was little I taught myself how to french braid my hair using my American Girl Doll ((Samantha)), and a tutorial book. You know, those books that also taught you how to put those cute hair rolls going back along the crown of your head and style your hair like Zenon? I loved that book and I credit all my hair styling skills to what I learned from it.


While I’m not putting corn rows in my hair anymore or wearing my hair in two tiny buns that look like giraffe ears, I braid my hair every time I workout. When you workout a lot, you have to find ways to minimize washing your hair. Or at least I do. Braids are my go-to. They actually make your hair look better, instead of worse, like pulling it into a tight ponytail might. Braids are also awesome for workouts because there are no bumps to worry about on the back of your head if you are laying on the floor. No awkward readjusting here.

So to go to this messy french braid, first go workout. Then take a shower, spritz dry shampoo or sprinkle baby powder over your head, and then you’re ready. Speaking of dry shampoo, this is the real lifesaver here. I went from washing my hair every day to twice a week, and I have dry shampoo to thank. I’m currently loving this one from Dove. It smells so good and it doesn’t dry my hair out like other brands have. I really recommend it! I found mine at Target for less than $5, yes please.

Ready for your tutorial? Messy, day 3 hair is perfectly acceptable. No need to wash, blow dry, and straighten before starting in on this. Just get your workout in, shower, dry shampoo, and you’re ready to go.

How To: Master the Messy French Braid

  1. Start out with your hair down, no need to brush it out if you have curly hair like me.braid
  2. Next, gather your hair into a french braid, starting at the mid-back of your head.braid
  3. Braid all the way down, but secure your hair lower and loser than you would if you wanted a nice, tight braid for a workout.braid
  4. Start to pull the hair apart, creating the messy look.braid
  5. Tease some hair loose around the crown of your head to frame your face.braid
  6. If you want to really hold it in place, use some hairspray. If not, embrace the mess, and you’re good to go!braid


There you have it! In five minutes you can look put together and ready for the rest of your day. Have Valentine’s plans but want to fit your workout in beforehand? This braid can save you time getting ready, and allow you to feel energized and confident on your date! Tag me on @Instagram, follow me on Pinterest, and Like me on Facebook for weekly wellness tips for the mind, body, and soul! #getwellwithem



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