heat free weekly meal prep menu

Heat Free Weekly Meal Prep Plan

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Hi everyone! I’m back with week 2 of your meal prep round ups and this week I’m sharing a heat free weekly meal prep plan. On the menu are recipes from Crunchy Kat, Burpees 4 Breakfast, and of course, Get Well With Em. Since it’s starting to get really hot out, I decided to keep these recipes light, and with minimal oven requirements. Anyone else struggling with a window A/C unit in the heat? Don’t mind me, I’m just over here sweating non-stop.


A heat free meal prep plan rounding up recipes from all of your favorite bloggers! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack, I've got you covered for the summer temperatures!

Speaking of sweating a lot, I’ve been going to power yoga a lot lately, and I’m falling in love with in all over again. You know when you finally find a studio that you love and everything feels right in the world again? Well, if you’re in the Twin Cities, there is a new studio in South Minneapolis called Up Yoga. It’s a Baptiste Power Yoga studio, and I haven’t been able to find one that I liked since living in Boulder, Colorado. That was 3 years ago! Which is so crazy and hard to believe. And small world, the instructors at this yoga studio actually know the owners of the studio I used to practice at in Boulder. Crazy how things like that happen.

Anyways! Back to your weekly meal prep plan. Let’s start with breakfast!

Heat Free Weekly Meal Prep Menu : Breakfast

10-Minute No Bake Healthy Breakfast Tacos from Get Well With Em

10-Minute Healthy Breakfast Tacos that are perfect for a heat free weekly meal prep plan! Dairy free, grain free, vegetarian friendly!

These tacos come together in 10 minutes, hence the name, which in my opinion makes them the perfect meal prep option. You also only need to use the skillet, so it won’t heat your house up too much. Easy breakfast tacos that you can enjoy all week long. These better be at the top of your weekly meal prep menu!

Heat Free Weekly Meal Prep Plan : Snack

Coconut Matcha Bites from Crunchy Kat

heat free weekly meal prep plan

Coconut and matcha, need I say more?? Kat said these are one of the most popular recipes on her site, and I can see why! They’ve got a little bit of caffeine from the matcha, protein (you can sub another protein powder if you don’t have Vital Proteins), and healthy fats. The perfect on-the-go, no oven snack. Told you I’d keep you weekly meal prep menu with minimal oven use this week!

Heat Free Weekly Meal Prep Plan : Lunch

5 Ingredient Probiotic Rich Tuna and Avocado Lunch Bowl from Burpees 4 Breakfast

The 5-Ingredient Probiotic Rich Tuna and Avocado Lunch Bowl is perfect for a heat free weekly meal prep plan! Mix it all together and enjoy!


Is there anything easier than opening up a can of tuna, throwing in some yummy spices, mixing it all up, and digging in? No. The Answer is no. Also, no oven, no heat, no dirty dishes other than the bowl you’re going to be eating out of. Jen, you are making our minimal heat weekly meal prep menu a breeze to stick to!

Heat Free Weekly Meal Prep Plan : Dinner

Slow-Cooker Pork Banh Mi Salad from Get Well With Em

The Slow-Cooker Banh Mi Salad is perfect for the heat free weekly meal prep plan!


Alright, bare with me here. This recipe does require a heat source, but the slow-cooker shouldn’t hit up your apartment too much. And the rest of the recipe is just a chop and toss. This recipe is another favorite from readers, so if you haven’t tried it yet, add it to you weekly meal prep menu and give it a shot!

And there you have it! A heat free weekly meal prep plan to get you through the week with yummy food and hopefully less sweat. Is it gross that I’m talking about sweat with food? Just trying to keep it real! Let me know if you give the recipes a try–can’t wait to hear what you liked the most!

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