Grain-Free Gingerbread Cookie Balls

I don’t know about you but I love ginger. Crystallized ginger, fresh ginger, ginger tea, dark chocolate covered ginger, ginger chews. If there’s ginger in the ingredient list, I want it. These grain-free gingerbread cookie balls have been helping me soothe my ginger needs this holiday season. With a short ingredient list and almost zero […]

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Keeping Your Oats Game Strong

I know what you’re thinking, yet another post about breakfast. What can I say, I love it. My favorite breakfast to make at home is a fluffy bowl of oats. The options are endless and they’re extremely budget friendly. When making my oats, the first thing I have to decide is if I want to go […]

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Strawberry Walnut Protein Muffins

Strawberry Walnut Protein Muffin

Where my “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” fans at? While you can’t lick the computer screen and taste these muffins, they’re so quick to make you’ll be licking the batter off your fingers in no time. Sorry guys, they just having created computer screens that taste like muffins yet, we’ll have to ask Willy Wonka […]

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